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Sonny MontgomeryThe Montgomery Leadership Program is part of the Office of Student Leadership and Community Engagement where students are invited and encouraged to take service and leadership to new heights and challenges.

It's not just what you learn in your classes. It's what you learn about yourself. It's your ability to recognize what you can do to improve the world - and to take action that makes a difference.

It's not just testing your knowledge of a subject, but testing your willingness to become involved. In the classroom and out, it's laying the foundation for a lifetime of character.

That's the goal of the Montgomery Leadership Program, formally the Appalachian Leadership Honors Program founded by former MSU president Robert H. "Doc" Foglesong to mold young minds into the future leaders of our state and nation.

At Mississippi State University, the Montgomery Leadership Program will work with a select group of students who commit themselves to developing the leadership skills that transform lives - both theirs and others. Participants will undergo an intense 3-semester study of leadership and apply their knowledge through service-learning projects throughout the community.

With the Montgomery Leadership Program, Mississippi State recognizes the legacy of G.V. "Sonny" Montgomery, a 1943 Mississippi State alumnus and a 15-term U.S. congressman who authored the Montgomery G.I. Bill. A former "Mr. MSU," he embodied the qualities of leadership, statesmanship, and public service that influenced generations of Americans.