MLP 2014 Fellows Group Photo


To prepare the next generation of business, political, and academic leaders as they enter America's workforce by enhancing their leadership skills and instilling a foundation of impeccable character in those emerging leaders.


MLP Fellows will form a cohesive group of students demonstrating impeccable character, courageous leadership, and selfless service. MLP graduate Fellows will grow into enlightened leaders capable of transforming the world by inspiring others to do extraordinary things.


Our goal is to select Fellows who will be leaders - academically qualified, character beyond reproach, and trained by competent leaders in the skills necessary to motivate people and institutions to do extraordinary things.

Honor Code

Upon accepting an appointment to the Montgomery Leadership Program, the Fellow will pledge the following:

“I agree to operate in an environment that does not condone lying, cheating, or any other ethical or moral infraction that undermines my character, leadership, or technical development.”