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What will you do in the Montgomery Leadership Program?

The Montgomery Leadership Program is a 3-semester study of leadership skills and community service.

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The 1st Semester focuses on learning about basic personality and leadership theory as well as communication skills in and outside of the classroom. The class (about 40 students) meets twice per week to discuss and learn leadership and communication strategies while also completing at least 20 hours of community service with a smaller group of 5-6 students.

The 2nd Semester, each Montgomery Leadership student acts as a "project manager" and peer mentor for a small group of freshmen students completing community service in the Day One Leadership Program. The students' roles as peer mentors and project managers are a critical part of learning about management and leadership in groups. The Montgomery Leadership students also meet once per week as a class to further their learning about advanced leadership skills.

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The 3rd Semester, the Montgomery Leadership students are able to continue their leadership studies and community service by creating and implementing service initiatives of their own. This semester, whatever service passion you have, you will have the opportunity to make this "come to life" with the supervision and guidance of the Montgomery Leadership Program staff. The final semester will also focus on career building skills as this may be the final or close to the final semester for many Montgomery Leadership students.

What will Montgomery Leadership do for you?

As a Montgomery Leadership "Fellow," you will receive a scholarship each semester as well as two hours of class credit.

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Throughout the program, you will be able to build on your strengths as a leader and benefit from the value of community engagement. You will have access to recognized local and national leaders and be surrounded by mentors who will challenge and support you. You'll be part of an elite group of students whose activities encourage you to grow physically, emotionally, and intellectually so that you can become leaders of character in a rapidly changing world.

In recognition of your commitment, upon completion of the Montgomery Leadership Program, your Mississippi State transcript will note that you are a Montgomery Leadership Fellow, graduating with leadership honors.

Undoubtedly, you will make lifelong friends, learn valuable life and career skills and leave a lasting mark in your community.

Colin Powell

Select Montgomery Leadership Fellows were able to meet Colin Powell during his Fall 2008 visit to Mississippi State's campus.

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